Gift for newlyweds in the time of demonetisation

Glitzy lighting, colourful dresses and peppy songs–yes, the great Indian wedding season is upon us. However, there is a twist in the tale this year. Due to the ongoing cash crunch in the wake of demonetisation, friends and family are in a fix about what to gift to the newlyweds. Cash in the form of ‘shagun’ has always been a popular choice for the obvious reason—the couple has the freedom to buy something of their choice rather than being presented with something that is not of their liking or is duplicate.

Keeping pace with changing times

Fret not, we can still make sure that the newlyweds get something of their preference. The answer to all our worries lie in “group gifting,” wherein family members or friends can chip in towards buying a gift that the bride and groom really desire. Chipping in ensures that the couple gets what they truly want while the friends and family members do not have to exceed their budget to offer the gift of choice. The choice could be anything ranging from an exotic honeymoon package, home appliance or a gadget for tech-savvy couple.

Changing times call for change in approach. How about letting the newlyweds tell what they wish to get as a present and then the family or friends and chip in towards the wish list. Don’t you think this way you can help a ‘just married’ couple get off to a perfect start as they begin their new innings? So, let’s chip in to make the wedding of your loved one even more perfect!

ChipNGift makes the entire process of communicating the gift preference and family members or friends making contribution towards the desired gift fun and easy. All a couple needs to do is create a wedding event on the website, list their desired gift and share the invite with your friends and family. All invited guests then need to RSVP and can make their contributions towards the preferred gift.

About ChipNGift

ChipNGift is a whole new way of giving and receiving a gift of your choice. Group Gifting is a total novel concept conceived by the team of ChipNGift to allow friends, family and colleagues to ChipIn toward joint gift(s), making the process simple, fun and rewarding for all.